Product Performance

Product Performance

A&L's Research, Development & Engineering team of over 15 industry experts, are dedicated to maximising product performance. Whether you are seeking a high level of energy efficiency, or acoustic protection in a noisy location, we have a range of solutions to meet your unique requirements.Take a look at the list below for further information regarding your specific concerns, or visit one of the following industry sites for further information:Window Energy Rating SchemeHousing Industry AssociationAustralian Window AssociationSustainable Energy Authority


Insulation from noise is becoming an increasingly important consideration when selecting doors and windows. As the trend towards medium to high density housing continues to grow, so too our need for privacy. Selecting double glazed windows and doors using certain glass combinations can assist in dulling unwanted noise from the outside world, however selecting the best solution for your particular requirements may require a detailed assessment.

Acoustic solutions require a multi-faceted approach, beyond your windows and doors alone; nonetheless we can help to determine an appropriate choice for your windows and doors to assist in meeting your sound insulation requirements.

Depending on your particular noise problem, a different approach may be required. For example noise from road traffic would require quite a different solution to noise from air traffic or trains.

In general, quality windows and doors that are manufactured to prevent air leakage should provide the best acoustic performance. Air leakage resulting from poor seals will allow unwanted noise to travel through the product and into your home. A&L windows and doors are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure these problems are avoided as much as possible.