Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.

Explore the A&L design options to create the perfect aesthetic for your home.  From colour and glass options, through to product suite and configuration, our range of products offer the flexibility to let your unique design style shine.

Always consider both the interior and exterior when choosing your window and door options.  Think about how your home will be used, considering functionality as well as aesthetics.

Colour options

Choose a colour to see it in application.

Glass options

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Awning Sash Options

The most versatile of our products, the A&L Awning Window comes with a range of options to suit every style and budget.

Standard Awning

Standard Sash

Unless otherwise stated, our standard Awning Windows come with a 25mm sash. Georgian, Armadale, Multi Transom, Overlooking & Single Transom Awnings come with Wideline sashes.

Standard Awning

Double Glazed Sash

If you choose to double glaze your Awning Windows, you will receive an upgraded 32mm sash.

Standard Awning

Wideline Sash

Ideal for front facades, our Wideline sash option can be applied to standard Awnings. The 53mm sash thickness creates added visual impact for a high-end look.

Boutique Awning

Boutique Sash

The ultimate style solution, our Boutique Awning Windows boast a 37mm frame and 53mm sash as standard.

Standard Awning with Standard Sash

Standard Awning with Wideline Sash

Boutique Awning

Sophisticated Window & Door Systems. Designed for Life.

Boutique Platform Series

Introducing a range of windows and doors truly at home in sophisticated spaces. Designed for understated elegance, allowing your unique interior style to shine and inviting the outdoors in.

Robust design and manufacturing excellence provide products that stand the test of time.

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