True style is timeless.

Lineage collection

Some designs are constant classics—ageless pieces that are always in vogue, regardless of the period or place. The Lineage Collection celebrates aesthetics that have truly stood the test of time.

We’ve taken celebrated style cues and updated them for today. We’ve revived and refined, blending modern production technology with cornerstone pieces from highpoints in design history.

Whether it’s the industrial elegance of 1980s New York lofts, the casual sophistication of Hamptons living, or the luxury and charisma of the roaring 20s, our latest range brings historical style into the modern home.

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Bold angles, sleek charisma


The Gatsby series takes its style cues from the Art Deco movement of the mid 1920s, updating the celebrated classic aesthetic for modern homes. Gatsby slightly subdues some of the flamboyance of that famous period, while retaining the sleek sense of luxury that came to define it.

The Gatsby series offers strong geometric lines and bold angles, but is equally suited to understated styling. Distinctive and understated, it is just as at home in a minimalist environment as in tandem with statement pieces of art or furniture. As a result, the Gatsby is a rich and versatile solution for any home or interior.

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Casual elegance, muted tones


Originally inspired by the affluent coastal villages of New York’s Long Island, the Newport series offers the casual sophistication epitomized by the ‘Hamptons style’. With a segmented grid tastefully overlaid on the top section of the pane, Newport offers an unobstructed view through the majority of the glass. It lets natural light in and captures the spacious ambience of life on the coast—even in the heart of the city.

Newport’s tastefully minimalist style is suited to neutral palettes of soothing grey, navy and duck-egg blue, and can be beautifully offset by warm bursts of timber. It’s classic, casual and effortlessly elegant, and is best paired with similarly timeless pieces, rather than cutting edge modern design elements. Stick with a pared-back aesthetic and bring the relaxed coastal atmosphere of holidays into the home.

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Inner-city sophistication


Exposed steel structural beams tinged with rusty bronze; polished concrete floors; bare brickwork; statement industrial downlights—these are the key ingredients in the Loft series’ inspiration. But while Loft takes design cues from the heart of 1980s New York, it’s a style that’s equally at home in the heart of the suburbs.

Loft blends classical and contemporary influences to offer a bold visual statement. The criss-cross grid design clearly captures the modern ethos of industrial warehouse living, but it’s actually a traditional window styling that originated in vintage country farmhouses. Loft-style living is all about flexibility and freedom, and with a variety of style influences drawn from both modern and classic interiors, so too is the Loft series.

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