Work for A&L

At A&L we are more than just a supplier to our customers, we are their business partner.

This belief is echoed throughout every part of the business from the sales department dealing directly with our customers, right through to our manufacturing teams and drivers delivering our products.

All of our staff are recognised for their role in the bigger picture, creating a vibrant culture and in turn resulting in better outcomes for our customers.


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R&D Team

Workplace culture

5 key values and behaviours underpin life at A&L and apply to the way our staff conduct themselves not only in relation to customers, but also suppliers and their fellow employees.

  • Leadership
  • Safety & environment
  • People & respect
  • Service excellence
  • Working together


A&L proudly contributes over $50,000 every year to various local and international charities. Our dedicated ‘Lending a Hand’ committee, made up of staff from across the business, manages all donations to ensure we support the organisations that are important to our staff and customers.

Health & wellness

Committed to improving the health and well-being of all staff, A&L run a comprehensive wellness program; which includes a wide range of services.  Everything from injury prevention, work strengthening, rehabilitation measures and on site physio access, right through to nutrition and lifestyle advice.

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