Correct installation of your windows and doors is critical

Ensure your A&L products operate smoothly for the long term by following our simple installation advice.

As home owners become increasingly savvy about the building process, there has never been more pressure on trades to complete work with precision. To ensure home owners enjoy problem-free operation of their windows and doors for years to come – correct installation is critical.

Please Note: All reveals must be covered within 2 weeks of delivery to avoid damage and maintain the warranty

The 5 Installation Essentials

  • Always ensure sufficient fixings have been used

    to secure the product in place.

  • Always use packers behind the fixings

    most importantly under sills and behind locks or latches.

  • Products must be installed square and plumb

    always check twice.

  • Never block drainage holes

    at the bottom of the product.

  • Apply appropriate flashings

    as required by the National Construction Code to keep water out. Including Alcor to Door Sills.

Installation Guides

All A&L products require adequate packing, fixing and checking to ensure that they are square and plumb.

Refer to this image for a handy snapshot of the installation process and keep an eye on our blog for written guides like these for product specific installation:


A image shows how to install product part 2

Sliding window guide  Awning window guide

Discrete Drainage

Unlike competitor products with unsightly visible drainage holes, most A&L products have hidden drainage holes underneath the sill, for a cleaner aesthetic.

It is essential that these drainage holes are not blocked when the product is installed.

Drainage, or weep holes as they are sometimes referred to, ensure any water that runs down the window, is released to the exterior. If these holes are blocked, any built-up water has nowhere to go and could leak into the home.

The Perfect Finish

For a perfect finish in lightweight construction, ask for our Weatherboard Trim or Flat Trim.

 A perfect finish example

Flat Trim (pictured) creates a clean, solid aesthetic and makes it easier to seal the perimeter of the window.

Speak to your A&L sales representative to find out more.