Double Glazed Windows


Double Glazed Windows

  • Reduce your heating & cooling bills
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Achieve your 6 star energy rating
  • Enjoy year round comfort

As the cost of living continues to rise, enormous energy bills are a burden most families could do without. Windows play a vital role in the overall energy efficiency of our homes with an average home losing up to 40% of its heating and cooling through its windows. A&L double glazed windows are the smart choice for long term savings, in dollars and carbon emissions!

If you have ever been inside a home with double glazed windows you will know that they provide a significant increase in comfort level, not only through improved climate control, but also by dulling unwanted noise from the outside world (when certain glass combinations have been selected). Double glazed windows help to create that peaceful haven you will love coming home to.


Double glazed windows and doors (sometimes referred to as IGU's, Insulated Glass Units) are sealed units made up of two pieces of glass, separated by a sealed air gap. The air gap acts as a thermal break between the inner and outer pieces of glass, creating an effective insulated window unit. A&L's double glazed units in Victoria feature an "air gap" filled with Argon gas, an inert gas, which further increases the insulating properties. The gas can dissipate over time.


Traditionally double glazing has been associated with high costs, however the long term benefits make the decision not to double glaze your windows far more costly.

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