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A&L featured on The Design Duo Series

We partnered with The Design Duo—or Block-stars Alisa and Lysandra Fraser—through their extensive renovation of a prime development site in Melbourne’s beautiful beachside suburb of Albert Park.

It’s an incredible transformation you’ll need to see to believe. Luckily, the whole series is online and ready to watch right now, with A&L products in several starring roles!

For Alisa and Lysandra—winners of ‘The Block: Sky High’ in 2013 and another ‘A&L’ synonymous with pushing boundaries in residential interior design—the Design Duo series represented their most challenging project yet.

Each of the six episodes follows as the sisters renovate different sections of a heritage-listed character home in the highly sought-after suburb of Albert Park.

With the support of some high-profile home and interiors brands and a team of highly skilled builders, Alisa and Lysandra spent over a year on the project. Their dedication to every detail is clear to see in the newly-prestige property, and the duo even offer up some of their trade secrets throughout the series.

From a serene plunge pool and vertical garden visible from the Master Suite, through to a vast lightwell in the living room and the chic roof-top terrace, in the words of the duo themselves: “everything we’ve put into this house is top quality.”

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

A&L products star throughout the prestige home

Nestled between the Melbourne CBD and Port Phillip Bay, the Albert Park residence is more a chic inner-city hotspot rather than a tranquil paradise. But you may not know it when you’re in the Master Suite: the Design Duo ensure you get the best of both worlds with a calming private lagoon.

Bathroom with large window

A large A&L feature window ensures the immaculate lagoon space is always proudly on display.

“It’s not just about the ensuite itself; there’s the beautiful big window that looks out to your own little private plunge pool with the greenery that just jumps out at you.”

From a private sanctuary to a space that’s primed for entertaining, A&L products also feature prominently in the home’s roof-top terrace.

Lounge with large windows and curtains

“Our upstairs living area was greatly enhanced by our clever addition of the outdoor rooftop terrace. By using these A&L aluminium sliding doors, this space has a real connection with the outdoors. The sleek and modern design also ties in with our urban vibe perfectly.”

“As soon as you walk upstairs there’s all of this natural light coming through. It’s aesthetically beautiful but it’s also very functional. It’s seamless.”

Sliding door looking out over outdoor deck

A Boutique sliding door provides the perfect threshold to the chic rooftop terrace.

Forward-thinking design for the backyard

What gift can you give a potential homeowner who already has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two separate living areas, a cinema room, and a show-stopping kitchen and dining space?

A flexible backyard that seamlessly integrates with the home’s main living area, while offering a showpiece aesthetic of its own.

“The big feature windows and the Boutique sliding doors from A&L Windows are key features of this room. They really draw the light through and it opens up the space.”

“The highlight window on the sliding doors from A&L, it really is such a statement piece for the backyard and it creates such an impact. Those windows set the tone for the urban design out the back.”

The backyard has been created to accommodate space for a car, entertaining areas, and cohesively transition indoors.

Backyard looking in to lounge through large sliding doors

Alisa and Lysandra in front of the impressive Boutique sliding doors.


“Here at the back you’ve got such a sense of space; because the outdoors really becomes the indoors.”

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Bedroom with large bay window

Bright kitchen with large windows