Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

In a commitment to the environment, A&L take a holistic approach to our environmental policy, focusing not only on the product but also on the process and the environment in which it is manufactured.

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment through continuous improvement, adopting strategies such as; source reduction, use of recyclable and recycled materials, degradability and encouraging re-use where possible, without compromising on our commitment to quality.

Our Victorian head office (the largest of our facilities), has implemented several green initiatives within the building. These include:

  • Double glazing of all office windows
  • Environmental lighting - lights automatically switch off after a period of non-movement, minimising electricity usage
  • Water tank usage
  • Wall insulation

Our commitment to the Environment and Energy Efficiency extends to you.

Our energy efficiency policies go beyond our own doorstep. Whether it is an aluminium sliding door, aluminium awning windows or timber casement windows, we can help you to reduce your property's energy consumption with energy efficient windows and doors.

We offer a range of solutions to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer - reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint and even increasing the resale value of your property.